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Dual Credit Students who are approved by their high school counselor or home school supervisor to take college classes as part of the high school program should use this application form.

First-time Freshman Use this form if you have not taken ANY college courses since you graduated from high school or received your GED.

Former Student Use this form if you have attended ONLY Jacksonville College since high school graduation or if you have not attended anywhere else since being a student here. If your most recent enrollment was at another college or university, use the TRANSFER form.
Inquiry Complete this form if you want more information about Jacksonville College.

International If you are not a citizen of the US AND you require a student visa to live in the US, use the international application for admission. [If you are living in the US as a non-citizen, choose admission form that best describes your educational situation

Non-degree If you are taking classes for credit but are not seeking a degree, use this form. There is no financial aid available for non-degree seeking students

Transfer This application form is for students who have attended any college other than Jacksonville College.

EXCEPTION: If your only college credit was taken as part of your high school program, use the application form for First-time Freshman.
Transient Application For Transient Students